Daily Archives: Thursday February 2nd, 2017

· The public prosecutor read out the indictment bill; · Natig Karimov pleaded not guilty to the treason charges; · The court hearing took place behind closed doors On 2 February, Baku Grave Crimes Court chaired by Judge Ahmad Guliyev held a closed hearing on the criminal case of Nardaran Elders Council’s chairman Natig Karimov and former deputy chairman of Azerbaijan Islamic Party Ingilab Ahadov. The public prosecutor read out the indictment
2 February, Baku Court of Appeal chaired by Judge Abid Abdinbayov considered an appeal filed by Ahsan Nuruzade who is known as a supporter of Muslim Union Movement chairman Taleh Bagirzade and a regular participant of the Nardaran trial hearings, as reported by lawyer Yalchin Imanov. Ahsan Nuruzade attended his appeal hearing. According to the lawyer, the appeal challenged Narimanov District Court’s decision sentencing Nuruzade to a 10-day administrative
Summary: Hearing #3 ➢ Defendant Elkhan Hasanov’s lawyer Ramiz Mammadov filed motions to remove the search and seizure record from the evidence list and to summon the attesting witnesses that had attended the search and seizure procedure and also Lankaran City Executive Power chief Taleh Garashov to testify as a witness; ➢ Defendant Elman Aghayev’s lawyer Akif Aliyev petitioned the court to discontinue the criminal prosecution of his client;
MP Elmira Akhundova raised the issue of providing a civil servant status to assistants of MPs at the meeting of Milli Meclis held on 1 February. “I request that the 125 assistants should be granted the status of a civil servant, and even when they have worked [in this capacity] for five years, it should be recorded as 5-year civil servant tenure. The fact is that most of these assistants are young married people, but most do not have their apartments.
On 2 February, Baku Grave Crimes Court completed the court proceedings in the case of Yeni Sabah (New Tomorrow) NGO chairman Ilgar Aliyev, who is charged with misappropriation and other offences. Ilgar Aliyev made his final speech at the hearing presided over by Judge Eldar Ismayilov. Aliyev pleaded not guilty and said he had not committed any offence. “The prosecutor requested a 13-year sentence for me, despite my innocence. What can I say,”
On 2 February, a group of youth held a protest outside the headquarters of the Musavat Party. Holding up flags of Azerbaijan and posters against Musavat and opposition, the youth voiced slogans with loudspeakers. Most slogans were against the former chairman of Musavat Party, head of the Centre for National Thought Isa Gambar. The organiser of the protest is not disclosed. (more…)