Daily Archives: Wednesday February 15th, 2017

On 15 February, NIDA Civic Movement member Rahim Valiyev was released. The youth activist, who was detained on 16 January, had been sentenced to 30 days in jail by Judge Vusal Gurbanov of Narimanov District Court. Rahim Valiyev was charged with not complying with the orders of the police. Having served out his term, Rahim Valiyev was taken out of the detention facility in a car and was freed in the area near the Azadliq metro station. His relatives,
➢ Vidadi Zeynalov: “We should not be treated as nobodies, ok?” ➢ The former Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (MCHT) claimed that the figures in the indictment bill had been inflated, and demanded an additional forensic examination; ➢ Lawyer Jeyhun Yusifov asked the court to conclude the review of the primary witnesses and to summon other witnesses for testimony. On 15 February, Baku Grave Crimes Court,
➢ Gundalik Baki newspaper editor, defendant Habil Valiyev requested the postponement of the hearing citing a health problem; ➢ The court gave a week to the lawyers for familiarisation with the case materials. On 15 February, Baku Court of Appeal chaired by Judge Jamal Ramazanov held a hearing on the case of Gundalik Baki newspaper founder and chief editor Habil Valiyev. Valiyev told the court that he could not speak due to his illness and his