Daily Archives: Wednesday March 15th, 2017

Summary: 30th hearing ➢ Examination of documents continued. All of the 530 volumes of case documents were announced and the procedure was finished; ➢ Defendant Bayram Valiyev’s lawyer lodged a petition, noting that his client had a spinal hernia and needed urgent surgery. The judge denied the petition, saying it was within the Penitentiary Service Treatment Facility’s power, not that of the court; ➢ An oral motion to free defendant Bayram
➢ The international travel ban imposed on the blogger five years ago is still in effect; ➢ The blogger’s lawyer is going to appeal to the European Court; ➢ During his courtroom speech, Huseynov related the travel ban to his blogging activities. On 15 March, Baku Grave Crimes Court considered IRFS Chairman, blogger Mehman Huseynov’s appeal against the travel ban imposed on him prior to his arrest. Following the hearing held behind closed