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Arrested journalist Afgan Mukhtarli has undergone medical examination after 31 days, as reported by lawyer Nemat Karimli. "I met with Afgan Mukhtarli at Baku Detention Centre today. He has undergone medical examination today, 31 days after he had been beaten. Afgan Mukhtarli was subjected to torture in the territory of Georgia after being abducted near his home in Tbilisi on 27 May. He sustained injuries. He reported the fact since day one and motions
The criminal case against Afgan Mukhtarli has been merged with the criminal case launched in relation to Meydan TV, lawyer Elchin Sadigov said. According to him, a joint investigation team has been created and additional people have been involved. "We lodged a motion at the investigating authority to take statements from and interrogate MP Elman Nasirov and the Jarchi TV program anchor about the source of the information they had provided to the
Baku Court of Appeal, chaired by Judge Faig Gasimov, considered Afgan Mukhtarli's appeal against the decision on his arrest. Journalists were not given access to the courtroom, as the hearing was held behind closed doors. The court did not grant the journalist's appeal. According to lawyer Elchin Sadigov, doctors tested Mukhtarli's blood sugar in Baku Detention Centre, where he is held, and diagnosed a very high and dangerous level of blood sugar.
European Court of Human Rights is considering the complaint regarding the abduction of journalist Afgan Mukhtarli in the priority manner and has already submitted its questions to the government of Azerbaijan in this connection. According to lawyer Elchin Sadigov, the government of Azerbaijan has been given a week to respond to the questions. (more…)
On 19 June, Sabail District Court chaired by Judge Aytan Aliyeva held a hearing on the criminal case of Azadliq newspaper financial director Faig Amirli. Eight witnesses were questioned at the proceeding. One of them, Valeh Guliyev said he had put an ad on the newspaper regarding his lost documents, but it happened in 2001 as opposed to 2011 alleged by the investigative agency. (more…)
Baku Grave Crimes Court announced the judgment on editor Fikrat Faramazoglu. He was convicted of extortion and sentenced to 7 years in jail and a 2-year ban from journalistic activity. (more…)
Journalist Afgan Mukhtarli has been interrogated in Baku Detention Centre, lawyer Elchin Sadigov reports. According to the lawyer, Afgan Mukhtarli filed a petition for the interrogation of the newsperson of ITV’s Jarchi program, who had reported that the journalist had been brought from Georgia to Azerbaijan in a joint operation of Azerbaijani and Georgian special services, and the experts and MP Elman Nasirov, who had spoken on the same news item
Nasimi District Court, chaired by Judge Babak Panahov, considered the motion to replace the pre-trial detention measure ordered for Head of Kanal 13, Aziz Orujov, with house arrest. The court denied the motion. According to lawyer Javad Javadov, Aziz Orujov himself participated in the hearing and called his arrest illegal. The lawyer added that he would apply to the European Court unless the truth triumphed in local investigative and judicial authorities.
Baku Court of Appeal heard an appeal against Nasimi district court's decision issued on 15 June 2017, which rejected the motion to replace the pre-trial detention ordered for Kanal13 internet television director Aziz Orujov with house arrest or bail. According to lawyer Javad Javadov, the decision was upheld. "As the domestic remedies have been exhausted, the complaint will be submitted to the European Court in the near future. We underline it once

Faig Amirli Trial Ongoing

June 13th, 2017
Azadliq newspaper financial director’s case is underway in Sabail District Court. Today’s hearing in the case was chaired by Judge Aytan Aliyeva. The court listened to several witnesses. Sokrat Suleymanov of Qaya press distribution firm said 35-40 percent of income from the sale of copies of the newspaper was the firm’s share and their cooperation was based on a contract. (more…)