Monthly Archives: January 2020

A delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) was in Baku on 22 and 23 January 2020 to assess the pre-electoral climate of the early parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan, scheduled for 9 February. Following discussions with various interlocutors, the PACE delegation considered it necessary to stress that there was a lot of room for improvement and that the period of time left until election day should allow at least
The website underwent a cyber attack, resulting in the removal of more than 400 articles and posts. This was reported to Turan by its head Anar Mammadov. According to him, the intervention took place on January 20 in the period 14.27-30. “It was not just a rude hacker attack. Having cracked the password, the attackers logged into the admin panel and purposefully deleted more than 400 publications,” Mammadov said. Since January 20
The Institute of Freedom and Security of Reporters (IRFS) will hold discussions on the “Crisis at the Council of Europe: the eternal question of political prisoners in Azerbaijan” on January 27 at 13.00 in the Palace of Europe in Strasbourg. The IRFS press release said that during the meeting a group of experts with direct experience and comprehensive knowledge of the current situation in Azerbaijan will discuss the issue of political prisoners
The criminal case against the editor of the website Polad Aslanov was transferred to court. A preparatory hearing will be held at the Baku Serious Crimes Court, chaired by Faig Ganiyev on February 3. This was reported by the journalist’s wife Gulmira Aslanova. Recall that the editor Polad Aslanov was detained on June 12 and arrested for 4 months on charges of Art. 274 (reason) of the Criminal Code. The investigation is conducted by
The National Council of Democratic Forces issued a statement condemning the use of torture by the police against PFPA Alizamin (Zamin) Salaev. The National Council reiterates that the violation of law by the officials in the country, the transformation of law enforcement agencies into the tools of repression and punishment, is directly attributed to President Ilham Aliyev himself. The police and other government agencies by relying on the principles
The imprisoned editor of the website, Ikram Rahimov, complained of violations of his rights in jail No. 10. According to his relatives, on December 28 Rahimov began a hunger strike in protest against his transfer from jail No. 6 to penal institution No. 10, stopped ten days later due to a sharp deterioration in his health. “The pressure on Ikram continues. He has not been allowed to call home for the past week, although by law he has