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IRFS CALLS ON THE AZERBAIJANI AUTHORITIES TO PUT AN END TO ALL ILLEGAL RESTRICTION OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION UNDER THE PRETEXT OF SAFETY MEASURES AGAINST THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) condemns the Azerbaijani authorities for beginning a large-scale repression campaign against its critics and restricting freedom of expression under the pretext of the aggravation of the safety measures against the new
L’Institut pour la liberté et la sécurité des journalistes (ILSJ) condamne les autorités azerbaïdjanaises pour avoir lancé une campagne de répression à grande échelle contre les personnes les critiquant et d’avoir restreint la liberté d’expression en prétextant l’aggravation des mesures de sécurité contre la pandémie de COVID-19. L'ILSJ condamne les tentatives illégales de plus en plus fréquentes des autorités pour restreindre
Институт свободы и безопасности репортёров осуждает власти Азербайджана за начало масштабных репрессий против критиков и ограничения свободы выражения на фоне обострения проблем, вызванных пандемией нового коронавируса. ИСБР считает абсолютно
Reportyorların Azadlıq və Təhlükəsizlik İnstitutu Azərbaycan hakimiyyətini tənqidçilərə qarşı genişmiqyaslı repressiyalara başlamaqda və yeni koronavirusun pandemiyası nəticəsində yaranan problemlərin kəskinləşməsi fonunda ifadə azadlığını məhdudlaşdırmaqda qınayır. RATİ hakimiyyət orqanlarının Azərbaycanda ifadə azadlığını insan hüquqları müdafiəçilərinin, jurnalistlərin və siyasi fəalların,
Journalist and member of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Elchin Hasanov announced the threat of his arrest. “Today, an officer of the Khazar district police department of Baku called me and insisted on the need to appear at the police. I asked about the reasons for the call. He began to invent various reasons. I said that let them send an official summons to call the police. Later they called me from the housing office and also urgently called
A member of the Popular Front Party Zamin Salayev was sentenced by the Salyan District Court to two years and three months in prison, convicted of defamation and insult - Articles 147 and 148 of the Criminal Code. Earlier, the activist accused Khamza Azizov, head of the Salyan police investigation department, of blackmailing a 21-year-old girl, local resident, to closer relations. The PFPA report on this occasion said that on April 20, the Salyan
'I believe that the steps taken by the authorities, the beginning of the political dialogue and the positive reaction of the opposition parties to this create a completely new situation during the period of independence of Azerbaijan. During this period of independence, such a positive picture has never been observed in this area. Perhaps I am a bit ahead of the curve because this process is just beginning. But, perhaps, I'm ahead because of the
Baku / 03.04.20 / Turan: A member of the Popular Front Party Agyl Humbatov has again been sent to a psychiatric hospital. After yesterday’s detention, he was again sent to court, and based on the testimonies of three false witnesses, it was decided that he was still crazy. Although two days ago, the same court ruled that Humbatov was mentally healthy. His relatives are convinced that he was again detained for reporting in social networks about
A coalition of solidarity in the name of justice and civil society activists condemned the arrest of the head of the Sumgait Youth Education NGO and editor-in-chief of the Yukselish Namine website Elcin Mammad. “A well-known human rights activist, a member of the Coalition of Solidarity for Justice, the editor-in-chief of the Yukselish Namine newspaper, Elchin Mammad, was detained by the police on March 30 in his home in Sumgayit and taken to the