March 18th, 2008
The investigation already knows the idenities of the people who beat Agil Khalil on 22 February in "Zeytun Baglari" (Olive Gardens), in the Baku District of Binegedi.

"Azadlig" Newspaper Director Azer Ahmedov told this to the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety today. According to him, work is underway to detain these people. A. Ahmedov also said that today Agil Khalil again underwent a medical examination in connection with the injuries he sustained on 22 February. In addition to this police have taken statements from the secondary school students who filmed this incident with their mobile telephones. The investigation is being conducted by the Baku City Chief Police Department.
Ahmedov also expressed concern that despite the work mentioned above, the investigation is not carrying out investigative actions to figure out who stabbed Agil Khalil. He believes that this case could go unsolved.
Today a number of local newspapers (Bizim Yol, "Yeni Musavat," and "Azadlig") reported that one of the people who beat Khalil has fled the country.
At present Agil Khalil is staying with one of his relatives in Baku.