Yunis Safarov sentenced to life imprisonment

Today, the Baku  Serious Crimes Court passed a verdict of the accused in the “Ganja case”, and  sentenced the main defendant Yunis Safarov to life imprisonment.

The rest of the defendants  were sentenced to: Jafar Zalov – 19 years, Firudin Zeynalov – 19 years, Rasim Mustafayev – 20 years, Akif Aliyev – 20 years, Mahir Azizov – 20 years, Hamlet Abdullayev – 19 years, Vugar Mamedov – 19 years, Jeyhun Salahov – 19 years, Jeyhun Gurbanov – 18 years in prison.

Safarov in his last speech said that he attacked the former head of Ganja Elmar Veliyev because of his rough treatment of the residents of the city.

Earlier, the state prosecutor asked the court to sentence Safarov to life imprisonment, and the rest of the defendants for terms of 15 to 20 years in prison, having found them guilty of terrorism and a number of other crimes.

* On July 3, 2018, an attempt was made on the life of the then head of the executive power of the city of Ganja Elmar Veliyev. A resident of Ganja Yunis Safarov wounded him and his bodyguard.

After that, a protest action in front of the Ganja administration building was scheduled for July 10. On the same day, riots broke out in the city, during which two police officers were killed. Then mass arrests of believers and others began.

For these events, a  lawsuits were filed against 70 people. The defendants received from  six to 18 years in prison. About 10 people were released on parole. The trial of Yunis Safarov and other defendants began in January 2020.

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