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Courts Refuses to Change Measure of Detention for Poet Saday Shakarli

Summary: Hearing 2 (March 28) At the hearing, defendant Saday Shakarli’s lawyer Fakhraddin Mehdiyev filed motions to let Saday Shakarli out of the glass cage and allow him to sit beside his lawyers, to include Azerbaijan Writers’ Union chairman Anar Rzayev’s official appeal to Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov in the case file, to change the measure of detention with house arrest for Saday Shakarli, and to terminate the victim status of Ramil

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Motion to Release Poet Saday Shakarli under House Arrest Denied for Second Time

  Binagadi District Court examined and denied the second motion by poet Saday Shakarli to replace his pretrial detention (imposed on December 22, 2015) with the lighter punishment of house arrest. Shakarli was arrested on December 22, 2015, reportedly when he was at the Ministry of Taxes. Some activists have drawn a connection between his arrest and his recent book, “A Wolf Heart”, which contains criticism of the authorities. Shakarli was

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Poet Saday Shakarli Denied Released under House Arrest January 29, 2016

 Binagadi District Court, chaired by judge Rashad Aliyev, denied the motion to replace the pretrial detention of poet Saday Shakarli with house arrest. Saday Shakarli was arrested in December 2015, on charges of extorting large amount of property.   "Saday Shakarli suffers from medical conditions and is a well-known public figure. I hoped that the court would replace his pretrial detention with house arrest, but the court did not grant

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