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Police Forcibly Disperse Social Protests in Regions

January 12– A group of residents of Liman town in Lankaran region held a protest demanding lower food prices, after the prices of food and other essential goods saw a sharp rise following the devaluation of the national currency on December 21, 2015. The police used physical force to disperse the protesters, who had attempted to block the Alat-Astara highway.   Lankaran Regional Executive Power confirmed that a protest had been held in the

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Citizen busted in Lenkoran for giving an interview to opposition newspaper

Lenkoran authorities have arrested a man following his interview to opposition newspaper, Bizim Yol. Shahin Agayev, resident of Lankaran city, who on January 14 told the Bizim Yol newspaper that his daughter had been beaten up by one of her teachers, was arrested on February 6. (more…)

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