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President Allocates 1 Million AZN to Newspapers on the Occasion of Press Day

On July 21, President Ilham Aliyev issued an order on allocation of a lump-sum financial aid to newspapers published in Azerbaijan on the occasion of National Press day. According to the order issued, one million manat has been allocated from President’s Reserve Fund envisaged in the 2016 state budget to the Fund of State Support for the Development of Mass Media in order to provide a one-time financial aid to newspapers published in Azerbaijan.

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Opposition newspapers banned in Nakhchivan

There is a ban on the sale of newspapers, which are critical of the government, in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (NAR). According to IRFS correspondent in NAR Elman Abbasov, in the recent period, critical newspapers have not been posted to NAR or sold in kiosks.  “You cannot find Azadliq and Yeni Musavat newspapers on sale, as these newspapers write primarily about the protests taking place across the country and situation in Nakhchivan” said

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