A number of opposition sites remain blocked

February 7th, 2020

Baku/06.02.20/Turan: For more than a week, a number of opposition news sites have been blocked in Azerbaijan.

On January 31, the Facebook pages of the Musavat party, the youth organization Musavat, and the Basta newspaper were hacked.

To this day, the Basta website remains blocked, Mustafa Hajibeyli, editor of the website and press secretary of the Musavat party, said on February 6.

According to him, the entrance to the site was briefly restored on February 3, but on the same day, he was again blocked after a hacker attack.

For several days now, the website of the Sumgait publication “Yuksəliş naminə”, the editor Elchin Mammad is a candidate, has also been blocked. According to him, the publication’s website was blocked after the publication of critical materials about violations of rights and corruption in Sumgait.

In all these cases, government agencies say that they are not related to blocking sites.