Abid Gafarov in prison hospital survived clinical death – spouse

Public activist Abid Gafarov, sentenced to one year of imprisonment, survived a clinical death at the penitentiary service hospital. This was reported to Turan by his wife Elnura Gafarova. 

According to her, doctors first thought he was dead, but then he was placed in an intensive care unit, where he regained consciousness after a cardiac massage. “He has no recollection of it, the doctors told him about it all,” she said after a telephone conversation with her husband on 23 December.

Gafarov was brought to the place of the phone conversation by other inmates treating him in the same room.  “He does not feel well. Abid said he cannot feel one side of his body and the left side of his face.  He can’t hold something in his hand and has pains in his head, and there is noise in his ears,” Gafarova said.

Despite high fever, Abid was kept in penal colony No. 14 for 10 days, although he requested to be transferred to a medical facility.

“When his fever went up to 41 degrees plus and he began convulsing, and the colony doctor said he might have a stroke, he was sent to the hospital on November 25. But even there he remained with a high fever and low blood pressure of 60/40.  Then on December 22, he suddenly collapsed and had a stroke,” said the wife.

In turn, Mehman Sadygov, head of the public relations department of the penitentiary service, told Turan that Gafarov did not have a clinical death.

“Yesterday his blood pressure dropped. Doctors intervened and now there are no health problems. The treatment is ongoing. Today his relatives met with him,” Sadygov said.

* Abid Gafarov, head of the public organization “Baku Unity” and presenter of the youtube channel KIM.TV, was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment on 13 July on the complaint of a group of veterans of the Karabakh war.

The court found him guilty under Articles 147 (defamation) and 148 (insult) of the Criminal Code.

Note that the plaintiffs, war veterans, considered Gafarov’s call not to be “submissive” and to resist arbitrariness as an insult.

Human rights activists believe that Gafarov’s arrest is “a continuation of the campaign of harassment of critics of the ‘Terter case’, and in particular the torture of innocent servicemen.

Ironically, those who accused Gafarov of slander were not outraged when the Tartar case was reviewed and the military personnel accused of treason were released, as demanded by Abid Gafarov and other human rights activists. 

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