Activist dismissed from work for participating in a protest action

Public activist Emin Khalilov announced his dismissal from his job at the Kontrakt Home company (a chain of stores of electronic and household appliances) for participating in a protest action in front of the Khazar regional police department on August 6.  

“On August 6, for a good reason, I took time off from the management of the store.

After I finished my business, I learned about the upcoming protest action of a group of youth activists against the murder of women on domestic grounds. I also took part in this action. A day after the action, they told me about my dismissal at work and told me to go to the head office. There they told me that the police had sent my photo from the place of action, and that is why the leadership did not want to work with me,” Khalilov said.

He was forced to write a letter of resignation from the said company, where he worked for 10 months.

According to lawyer Elchin Sadigov, the Labor Code does not provide for the dismissal of citizens from work for non-work activities. Khalilov intends to start legal procedures to restore his rights.

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