Activists intend to hold a protest action in defense of Saleh Rustamov

A notification was sent to the executive power in Baku about the intention to hold a protest action in the center of Baku on 1 December, demanding the release of political prisoner Saleh Rustamov. The appeal was sent on behalf of youth activists Ilkin Rustamzadeh and Mete Turksoy.

“Saleh Rustamov has been on hunger strike for 25 days. His life is in danger. We decided to exercise our right to hold a peaceful rally demanding the release of Saleh Rustamov. We sent an appeal to the executive power with a request to ensure the safety of the protesters,” Rustamzadeh told the Turan news agency.

The action under the slogan “Freedom to the Karabakh veteran” is scheduled to be held on December 1 at 3 p.m. at Fountain Square, he said.

It was impossible to get a comment from the executive power of Baku city.

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