Arrested APFP Activist Ends Hunger Strike

APFP Youth Committee member Fuad Ahmadli has been removed from the solitary confinement cell and ended his hunger strike, youth activist’s father Zafar Ahmadli reported on his Facebook page.

“Fuad was removed from solitary confinement on 13 January and ended his hunger strike. He has weakened a bit, but spiritually he is as strong as all APFP youth combined. He said ‘I am still on my way,” Zafar Ahmadli said.

Background: Fuad Ahmadli was detained on 18 August 2016. His detention period, which was last extended on 11 November 2016, was about to expire on 12 January.

Ahmadli is charged under Articles 302.1 (interfering in an investigation) and 308.1 (abusing official power) of the Criminal Code. According to the indictment, Fuad Ahmadli, an operator at the Call Centre of Azerfon LLC, channelled personal information of subscribers to certain people. The indictment mentions him as a supporter of Fetullah Gulen, the leader of a terrorist organisation. The indictment further reads that, religious literature and CDs prohibited by law, speeches of Fetullah Gulen, and documents on his mutual relations with so- called “Hizmet imams” have been seized from his apartment during a search.

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