Azadliq Newspaper about to Cease Publication

azadliq qazeti

The Azadliq newspaper is about to close due to its inability to carry out banking operations, the newspaper’s deputy chief editor Rahim Hajiyev has said. According to him, as the newspaper’s financial director Faig Amirli has been arrested, the signature specimen of another person needs to be certified in order to perform banking operations. But the notarial authority approached for the resolution of this problem has refused to certify the signature specimen, allegedly because the documents necessary for the approval of the signature specimen were not in order.

Rahim Hajiyev noted that putting Azadliq, a newspaper with a 27-year history, face to face with such a problem has further exacerbated its plight. He said the editorial office is unable to use the funds that are in its account.

Finally, Rahim Hajiyev called on the competent state authorities to take necessary steps to extricate the country’s first newspaper from this situation.

Background: Faig Amirli was arrested on August 20. Employees of the investigating authority searched his car and house, and allegedly found and seized Fetullah Gulen books from his car. According to the lawyer, wedding video cassettes were also seized during the search.

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