Believers detained for slogan: “Punish those who insulted Allah”

Three believers: Yasin Ahmedov, Vugar Aliyev and Nijat Aliyev were detained by police after they wrote on the wall in a public place in Sumqayit on June 18 the slogan: “Punish those who insulted Allah!

The next day, it became known that the Sumgayit сity сourt arrested Akhmedov for 10 days, but for what offence, is unknown.

Vugar Aliyev and Nijat Aliyev are being held in police stations in Sumgayit. They are also expected to stand trial today.

Vugar Aliyev had previously joined the hunger strike declared by the leader of the Muslim Unity Movement Tale Bagirzadeh in detention, protesting against the insult of Allah by law enforcement officers during the interrogation of believers.

The hunger strike was supported by more than a dozen prisoners in prison and by a number of individuals at large.

The Interior Ministry denies that police officers insulted Allah and called the allegations false.

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