Blogger Eyvaz Yahyaoglu arrested in Azerbaijan for 28 days

Blogger Eyvaz Yahyaoglu, who is also a member of the Azerbaijan Nationalist Democratic Party (ANDP), was arrested in the city of Shirvan for 28 days on charges of disobeying the police administratively.

Yahyaoglu was detained on May 9, APDP chairman Galandar Mukhtarli told Turan.

“On May 9, Eyvaz Yahyaoglu was summoned from his home in Shirvan to the local police. The next day, the Shirvan City Court sentenced him to 28 days of administrative arrest, finding him guilty under Art. 535.1 (not obeying the lawful demands of the police) of the Code of Administrative Offenses,” Mukhtarli said.

The APDP is convinced that the activist is being persecuted for posting on his yotube channel “Şirvan Tv Eyvaz Eloğlu”.

According to Mukhtarli, Yahyaoglu publicized the facts of violation of the rights of citizens in Shirvan, the squandering of state property, and the indifference of officials to citizens’ complaints.

“He was warned several times to stop criticizing. And in the end they arrested me,” Mukhtarli said. At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that Yahyaoglu is a veteran of the first Karabakh war of 1992-94. In turn, lawyer appointed Yahyaoglu at the expense of the state, Ruslan Mirzoev, noted that his client pleaded not guilty.

According to him, according to the protocol on the detention of Eyvaz Yahyaoglu, he came to the building of the city police department and began shouting insults at the employees of this body. When the police called him to order, he did not obey. “However, Eyvaz Yahyaoglu denied these allegations. He said that he arrived at the first call and did not offend anyone. He stated that the charge was fabricated,” the lawyer told Turan.

Those close to Yahyaoglu said that an appeal would be filed against the arrest decision.

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