Constitutional Court Gives Positive Opinion on Referendum Act


Plenum of Constitutional Court held a special meeting on the draft Referendum Act on “Making Changes to the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic” submitted by the President of Azerbaijan for review and feedback on July 18.

At today’s special meeting attended by 8 judges, Plenum of Constitutional Court gave its opinion on the draft Referendum Act. As the representative of Azerbaijan’s President, Head of Presidential Administration’s Department of Legislation and Legal Expertise Shahin Aliyev participated in the meeting.

Judge Kamran Shafiyev read out the Referendum Act of Azerbaijan Republic on “Making Changes to the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic.”

Judge Rafael Gvaladze said that it was a sovereign right of Azerbaijani people to determine their own destiny and their own form of governance freely and independently, and Azerbaijani people could solve any issues related to their rights and interests by way of referendum.

After deliberation, Constitutional Court chairman Farhad Abdullayev announced the opinion on the draft Act. According to him, Constitutional Court decided that the proposals put forward in the draft Referendum Act might be put to popular vote, i.e. referendum. “Constitutional Court believes that the proposed amendments may be put to popular vote (referendum) as they do not contradict general provisions of Azerbaijani Constitution on the principles of democracy and the state and are in line with the requirements of Article 155. The decision comes into force from the date of publication. The decision is final and cannot be revised or annulled by any authority or person.”

The date of referendum will be appointed by the President.

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