Court extended term of arrest of Gubad Ibadoglu for another three months

The Narimanov district court of Baku today considered the submission of the investigative body on the extension of the term of arrest of the chairman of the Azerbaijani Party of Democracy and Prosperity, Professor Gubad Ibadoglu.
As lawyer Zibeyda Sadygova told Turan, the court extended the term of the politician’s arrest for another 3 months.
According to her, the investigator and the prosecutor motivated the extension of the arrest period by the need to continue investigative actions.
At the same time, they argued that if the politician is free, he can influence the investigation.
“There may even be new charges against Gubad Ibadoglu,” Sadygova said, commenting on the results of the court session. At that, Ibadoglu himself stated that the accusations and his detention were groundless.
The lawyer also pointed out the lack of legal grounds for the accusations made by the politician. The court did not heed the arguments of the defense and the court’s decision will be appealed.
Politician’s brother Galib Bayramov emphasized the aggravation of Ibadoglu’s health problems. Due to protrusion, dislocation of the vertebral discs and pinched nerves, he cannot sleep and is exhausted. His ability to move is constantly decreasing.
The use of insulin caused side effects and the pulse rose to 115-120 beats per minute.
For two weeks now, the authorities have refused to visit Ibadoglu with a neurologist and an endocrinologist.
The prison service could not be reached for comment.

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