Court prolongs arrest term of journalist Nargiz Absalamova

On 11 June, the Khatai Court of Baku satisfied the investigation’s submission to extend the arrest of journalist Nargiz Absalamova, accused of smuggling in the “AbzasMedia case”.

The court prolonged her arrest term for another 3 months, lawyer Shahla Humbatova told Turan.

‘The investigative body claimed the need for additional investigative actions.  If Absalamova is at liberty during this period, she will be able to communicate with other persons to hinder the investigation,’ the lawyer said.  The defence considers these allegations unfounded and intends to appeal.

The day before, the court prolonged arrest terms for two more defendants in the case – Hafiz Babaly and Elnara Gasymova.

The issue of extending the term of arrest of the director and editor-in-chief of “Abzas Media” – Ulvi Hasanly and Vagifgyzy was postponed to 12 June.

* Since 20 November 2023, six journalists and media workers of “Abzas Media” have been arrested on charges of “currency smuggling”. They denied the charges, linking the criminal case to investigations into corruption published in “Abzas Media”.

International media protection organisations called on the Azerbaijani authorities to immediately release the detained journalists and to stop the pressure on the media.–
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