Crime Suspect Kills Himself Using Policeman’s Gun in Lankaran Police Custody

A suicide has occurred in the temporary detention cell of Lankaran police office, according to the reports that surfaced on 11 April.

Huseynov Ramil Khudaverdi oglu, a resident of Kholmilli village of Lankaran region born in 1974, who was detained on suspicion of breaking into a house with the purpose of robbery and causing a fatal bodily harm to the owner in the process, has killed himself in the temporary detention cell of Lankaran Police Office. He injured the guard and shot himself with his gun.

Recall that, the break-in happened in Kholmilli village on 18 March. The attackers inflicted a serious injury in the head of the property owner Safarov Vahab Khalig, chief doctor of the village’s outpatient clinic born in 1950. Admitted to Lankaran Central Regional Hospital in critical condition, the wounded was diagnosed with open craniocerebral trauma and was sent to Baku due to the gravity of his condition. However, Vahab Safarov passed away a few days later.

The details of the incident are not disclosed.

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