Website Undergoes Cyber Attack

The website underwent a cyber attack, resulting in the removal of more than 400 articles and posts. This was reported to Turan by its head Anar Mammadov.
According to him, the intervention took place on January 20 in the period 14.27-30.
“It was not just a rude hacker attack. Having cracked the password, the attackers logged into the admin panel and purposefully deleted more than 400 publications,” Mammadov said.
Since January 20 was a day off, he noticed interference the next day.
“When we began to check, we realized that there was an external interference, and the records were deleted purposefully,” Mammadov said, noting that experts are trying to restore the publications. He regards the incident as pressure on him for publishing critical materials.
Mammadov appealed to the Prosecutor General, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Security Service, the Special State Guard Service and the Ministry of Communications with a request to investigate the incident and punish those responsible.
Recall that on January 10 a fake appeared on social networks about the brutal beating of Mammadov on the order of a certain oligarch. The journalist turned to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On January 13, Minister Vilayat Eyvazov received him and promised to investigate the incident.
On January 10, Mammadov was in the Agdam region at the trial in a lawsuit against businesswoman Malahat Gurbanova, demanding that the journalist be imprisoned for “slander” and “insult”.
If convicted, Mammadov will face up to 2 years in prison and plus 5.5 years, which he is serving on probation for publications about the events in Ganja in July 2018.

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