D18 Movement Member Beaten During Arrest

D18 Movement member Gadir Agakishiyev was tortured during the arrest, lawyer Fariz Namazli has reported.

During the meeting with his lawyer, Agakishiyev described his arrest.

According to Namazli, Agakishiyev received a phone call from Sumgayit City Executive Power saying ‘your hostel is going to be dismantled according to the city plan’ and was invited to the Executive Power premises. At the Executive Power building, four plainclothesmen took him to Sumgayit City Police Department.

At the Police Department, five to six men beat up Agakishiyev with strikes, kicks and punches to his legs and kidneys forcing him into signing a statement that allegedly he had shouted expletives aloud while walking down the street and had disobeyed the police. Agakishiyev was then taken to the 3rd police station of Sumgayit city. He did not face pressure at the police station. After being compelled to sign several more papers, he was taken to Sumgayit City Court where he was given a 30-day administrative jail sentence. The court ignored his torture account and denial of having committed any administrative offence.

Agakishiyev, who is currently held in the temporary detention facility of Sumgayit City Police Department, has no complaints about prison conditions. He has developed a swollen ankle and burst capillaries on one of his feet because of the beatings at the police department. He suffers from kidney pains caused by the blows sustained. Representatives of the Ombudsman’s Office had a brief conversation with Agakishiyev in his cell last week. Although they were also informed of the beatings, there have been no results.

Background: D18 Movement member Gadir Agakishiyev was convicted of disobeying the police and sentenced to 30 days of administrative arrest by Sumgayit City Court’s decision on 20 February. On 24 February, Sumgayit Court of Appeal denied the appeal against this ruling.

D18 Movement head Ruslan Izzatli has associated Agakishiyev’s arrest with his political activity.

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