Defense Line claims deteriorating human rights situation

The NGO “Protection Line” presented a report on the human rights situation in Azerbaijan in January 2022.

According to Executive Director Rufat Safarov, cases of pressure on critics of the authorities, physical violence and torture of detainees continued during the reporting period.

“The situation with human rights and freedoms in Azerbaijan is becoming more and more depressing. The authorities ignore not only political, economic, social, but even cultural freedoms,” Safarov said.

At the briefing, attention was also drawn to today’s speech in the Court of Appeal by Ali Aliyev, Chairman of the Citizen and Development Party. He reported that he had received death threats while in custody.

Human rights activists also raised a number of other issues: the arrests of former ambassador Eldar Hasanov and political activist Fuad Ismayilov, activists deported from abroad and the Teter case.

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