Despite Alesker Mammadli’s illness, the court extended his arrest for another three months

Despite severe health problems for the founder of “Toplum TV,” Alesker Mammadli, the court granted the submission and the petition of the investigation to extend the term of his pre-trial detention for another three months,  lawyer Agyl Layidj told  journalists. According to him, Mammadli’s health remains stably serious. At the same time, a biopsy was performed on him in connection with tumors in the thyroid gland only in the left part of the throat, while a large tumor was located in the right part.

Mammadli’s family doctors were not allowed to undergo the biopsy procedure, contrary to the court’s decision. Also, the tests were not taken according to the components determined by his doctors. This, according to the lawyer, undermines the credibility of the results of the biopsy and tests, which should be announced in the near future. The defense will insist on a biopsy and on a tumor in the right side of the tumor. An appeal will be filed against the court’s decision to extend the term of A.Mammadli’s arrest.

*On March 6-8, 9 employees of “Toplum TV” and its partner organization, the Institute of Democratic Initiatives, were detained. They were accused of smuggling foreign currency. Seven people were arrested and two were placed under police supervision.

The founder of “Toplum TV,” Alesker Mammadli, was also accused of smuggling currency. During a search of his apartment, they allegedly found 7,300 euros. Human rights activists have recognized the defendants in this case as political prisoners, and international organizations have called for their release.
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