Disappearance of “Musavat” Party activist reported

On 14 May, the “Musavat” Party reported the disappearance of its activist Natig Mehti (Ulubey).

The Party’s press service told Turan that he disappeared along with his car on 10 May.

“Natig Ulubey’s relatives have filed a report with the 37th police station. We have also contacted the Interior Ministry, but there is no information about him yet. Calls to his phone are not reaching him,’ the “Musavat” spokesman said.

Natig Mehti (Ulubey) is a vice-chairman of the Sabail-based “Musavat” organisation.

Recall that in April, he was nominated as a candidate to head “Musavat” at the upcoming Party congress. However, a few days before the congress, he withdrew from the election.

It was not possible to get comments from the law enforcement agencies.

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