ECHR starts communication on PPFA complaint

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has begun communication on the complaint of the Party of People’s Front of Azerbaijan (PPFA).

The complaint is related to the refusal of the Ministry of Justice to register changes in the constituent documents of the Party. This was reported by

In September 2015, the PPFA held a party congress where Ali Kerimli was re-elected chairman and the composition of the governing bodies was approved.

In October the same year, another congress was held on behalf of the PPFA where Razi Nurullayev was declared chairman.

The decisions of both congresses were submitted to the Ministry of Justice for registration.

However, the PPFA headed by Kerimli pointed out that the “alternative congress” was held by persons who had previously been expelled from the Party and had no authority to speak on its behalf.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Justice refused to register the decisions of the legitimate structures of the PPFA.

It appealed against the Ministry of Justice to the local courts, but was denied. 

The Party then appealed to the ECHR asking to recognize violations of the rights guaranteed by Articles 11 (Freedom of association) and 13 (Right to effective legal remedy) and together with them Article 18 (Limitations on the use of restrictions on rights) of the European Convention of Human Rights and Freedoms.

For the Party believes that the denial of registration of the founding documents is a part of the persecution campaign of the PPFA on political grounds.

Also, the statement points to the arrests of PPFA activists and the imposition of an illegal travel ban on PPFA leader Ali Kerimli.

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