Emin Milli Claims Azerbaijan’s Intelligence Agencies Plan Attack against Him

On 16 February, Meydan TV director Emin Milli posted information on Facebook about his life being in danger.

The information reads as follows.

“Since my recent speech about Ilham Aliyev in the European Parliament (got 300,000 views online), I have received information from several reliable sources. According to them, Azerbaijan’s special services have dispatched a group of sportsmen to Germany to specifically assault me. One of these sources is the same person who a couple of years ago said that diplomat-agent Tural Gurbanov had been sent to Germany to kill [blogger] Habib Muntazir. Last time, this kind of a plan ended up with the death of the dispatched person.

This incident shows that the government hates its own slaves and servants more, and is willing to kill or arrest them at any time. Therefore, do not forget the fate of Tural Gurbanov.

Now, I turn to the group of sportsmen and agents mentioned above. The German police have been comprehensively informed about you. Meaning that, the police here are already looking for you, and your lives are in danger. Like the last time, the government will effectively kill you, or you’ll be arrested here. They are inciting you to commit a crime. But, you have another option, too. You can inform the law enforcement agencies or me about this. We can help ensure your security and protection of your life. Do not become the next victim of the system.”

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