European Court rules on Rafiq Tagi’s murder case

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on 7 July on the murder case of Azerbaijani journalist Rafiq Tagi.

Lawyer Khalid Aghaliyev told that the European Court found a violation of Article 2 of the European Convention (right to life) in this case.

According to the decision, the Azerbaijani government must pay the plaintiff, the deceased’ wife, 12,000 euros in compensation and 2,000 euros for legal expenses.

Let us remind you that the publicist passed away a couple of days after he was stabbed on November 19, 2011, while walking home.

In 2006, he was arrested for publishing an article “Europe and We” in which he questioned Islamic values and claimed the superiority of Christianity. He was sentenced to three years of imprisonment for inciting religious discord. He was released in December 2007 under an act of clemency.

In 2011 he published an article “Iran and the Inevitability of Globalism,” after which the Iranian Ayatollah Lankariani issued a fatwa calling for the killing of Rafiq Taghi for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Ten days later, on November 19, the publicist was assassinated. An unknown assailant stabbed him several times and fled the scene. This crime remained unsolved.

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