Family members of political prisoners held a protest in front of the UN office

On June 17, family members of political prisoners held a rally in front of the UN office in Baku. They demanded the release of all political prisoners and an end to the persecution of citizens for political reasons.

“We came here to remind the UN, as well as the embassies of foreign states, that 100 political prisoners are kept in the prisons of Azerbaijan. They are arrested for their journalistic  activity, or political views, critical publications on social networks,” said Gulmira, Polad Aslanov’s wife.

According to her, political prisoners continue to be pressured in prisons. In particular, Polad Aslanov was pressured to write a petition for pardon. After the refusal, they began to put pressure on him.

Nurana Ashurova, the wife of Samir Ashurov, who was arrested after being expelled from Germany, also stated that her husband was arrested on slanderous charges.

“My husband was arrested for political views. A criminal case has been fabricated against him and he is being kept under arrest despite serious health problems – diabetes, heart disease. Keeping him in a confined space is dangerous for his life,”  Ashurova said.

Vahid Karimov, the father of Punhan Karimli, who was also arrested after being expelled from Germany, is also outraged by the arrest of his son.

“He was  arrested completely unreasonably and illegally, and he was also tortured. All five people arrested after the actual deportation from Germany were arrested illegally, for political reasons. International organizations should not remain indifferent to this,” Vahid Kerimov said.

The action took place without the intervention of the police.

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