Fazil Gasymov’s condition in pre-trial detention center worsens due to hunger strike.

Fazil Gasymov, arrested in the criminal case of economist Gubad Ibadoglu, continues his hunger strike started on 14 June.

As a result, his condition has worsened, his brother Nazim Gasymov said.

“We, spoke to Fazil on the phone. He is in a serious condition. His voice is weak, he had a hemorrhage in his stomach.  He has been operated on his stomach twice before. However, Fazil has disbelieved in a fair investigation and intends to fast till the end,” said his brother.

The prison service could not be reached for comment.

Earlier, human rights defender Rufat Safarov said Gasymov was tortured and subjected to degrading treatment during his detention and later forced to incriminate Ibadoglu. He later recanted his testimony against Ibadoglu.

Recall that economist Fazil Gasymov was detained last August in Turkey and taken to Azerbaijan, where he was accused of making counterfeit money. Pro-government media reported at the time that his arrest was linked to the case of opposition politician Gubad Ibadoglu, who faced similar charges.
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