Founder of the website Polad Aslanov started a hunger strike

The imprisoned founder of the website Polad Aslanov announced a hunger strike from the evening of January 6. This was reported by his wife Gulmira Aslanova.

He demands a review of his case protesting against the delay of the Supreme Court’s consideration of his appeal.

“I met with Polad yesterday. He said that his appeals to President Ilham Aliyev, Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev, and the head of the State Security Service Ali Nagiyev received no response.

Also, Polad is dissatisfied with the failure to consider his appeal. Note that his appeal was considered in February last year. But, so far, the appeal has not been considered,” said the wife. Her husband’s complaints have not been sent from the colony for the past two months, she said. “The warden tells him that ‘you write very hard,'” G. Aslanova said.

It was impossible to get comments from the Prison Service.

* editor Polad Aslanov was sentenced Nov. 16, 2019, to 16 years of imprisonment on charges of treason in favor of Iran. Reporters Without Borders and other human rights groups have called on Azerbaijani authorities to release Polad Aslanov.

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