Harasser of Female Opposition Leader Arrested


The person who issued death threats to Gozal Bayramli, deputy chair of the opposition party Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP), has been sentenced to administrative imprisonment for 12 days, reported Bayramli.

According to Bayramli, she received a letter from Surakhani District Police Department on November 23 notifying her that the investigations into the threats made against her had been concluded.

Gozal Bayramli received an anonymous telephone death threat on October 28, which she reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On November 1, Bayramli was invited to Surakhani District Police Department, and an investigation was launched.

“The letter says that the person who threatened me has received a 12-day administrative jail sentence. My purpose in filing the complaint was to have the masterminds identified. The police have not conducted any investigation in this respect. The person who has been jailed for 12 days says that the phone is not his, and that someone else gave it to him to make the call. The identity of the owner of this phone and the real perpetrator of the threat remains unknown to me. The police have failed to investigate this,” said Bayramli.

Bayramli said she was willing to continue her complaints regarding the intimidating phone call.

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