It has become known about the detention of another believer

The family of believer Sabukhi Salimov is concerned about his fate.

He was detained on October 20 and since then his family members cannot get any information about him.

On October 20, the believer was taken from his daughter’s home in the village of Khokmeli and searched.

This was reported by Fatima Salimova, the believer’s wife.

According to her, during the search, the officers took the believer’s grandson’s cell phone, computer and tablet.

In addition, the believer’s apartment in Baku was searched.

Along with Sabukhi Salimov, his son-in-law was also detained. But the latter was released.

“So far we have no information about Sabukhi. We don’t know what happened to him. He is a participant of the first Karabakh war. His health is badly undermined. A few years ago he had open heart surgery to replace four vessels. He has had heart attacks lately too due to blocked vessels. Sabukhi is very ill and unreasonable keeping him in custody could worsen his condition,” Salimova said.

According to her, the believer is not a member of any organization.

In the past, he attended the mosque “Haji Javad” in the center of Baku which was demolished as a part of the project to improve the “Sovetskaya” zone.

“My husband is an ordinary believer, a patriot of his country. Last year he went to the military registration and enlistment office four times to be taken to the war. But they didn’t take him because of his health condition. He was not a member of any organization, but he always spoke up for justice and did not keep quiet when he saw that someone’s rights were violated,” Salimova said.

The SSS could not be reached for comment.

In recent days, several Shiite theologians and religious activists were briefly detained.

The theologian Sardar Babayev was criminally charged under Article 274 (treason) of the Criminal Code.

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