Journalist Fears Arrest


Journalist Elchin Hasanov has reported that he faces the risk of arrest.

According to Hasanov, he received a letter from Sumgayit City Court on 23 December. The letter notified him of a hearing to be held on 26 December, at 11 am, where Judge Tarana Mahmudova would consider a petition to replace the corrective labour sentence handed down to him with a 1-year prison sentence. Hasanov noted that the reason his original sentence could be replaced with imprisonment is his failure to comply with the verdict of Nizami District Court issued on 1 June 2016.

A criminal case was launched against journalist Elchin Hasanov in February of 2015 following an incident between him and former head of Asia news agency Jafar Jafarov. On 1 June, Baku City Nizami District Court sentenced Elchin Hasanov to 1 year of corrective labour. Hasanov registered with Sumgayit City Employment Centre. On October 19, he was offered a street sweeper job with a salary of 125 AZN, 25 AZN of which would be deducted for the implementation of the judgment. However, the journalist rejected the offer.

The Yuksalish Namina (For Progress) newspaper, which the journalist had been working for, ceased publication several years ago. The website of the newspaper does not bring income. Elchin Hasanov is a member of the Supreme Assembly of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party.

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