Journalist Khadija Ismayil Believes Cyber Attacks against Her Are Coming from Government


Investigative journalist Khadija Ismayil has become the target of cyber attacks. Breaking this news to the media, Khadija Ismayil said ‘now there is no doubt that the government is behind the malicious attacks’.

“My family member’s phone number and mine have been posted on a sexual services ad. It happened three times last week. First time, there was a newly created account posted with the phone numbers of me and my niece. Second time, it was a hacked account. Now there is another one, apparently also hacked, and now they have posted a new number, which I have been using but which is not registered in my name. Only the government with its surveillance equipment could have known that it is me who is using this number.

So there is no doubt – it is them. Since morning I am answering to phone calls regarding the sexual services listed on the ad. This happens after we publicised the updated list of political prisoners this week,” the journalist said.

The list of political prisoners in question was published by the Working Group, which Khadija Ismayil is a member of, on 17 October 2016.

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