Graveside Memorial for Journalist Rafig Tagi


November 23 marked five years since the killing of journalist and writer Rafig Tagi, who died in hospital four days after a brutal knife attack. Dozens of youth activists, journalists and political leaders were present at the commemorative ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, NIDA Movement Board member Turgut Gambar accused the current government of masterminding the journalist’s murder.

Rafig Tagi’s brother Ilgar Tagi said it was a consolation to his family that they were never left alone on the anniversary of his brother’s death.

Former chairman of Musavat Party Isa Gambar called Rafig Tagi a lion of Azerbaijani literature and commentary.

Azadliq newspaper Editor Rahim Hajiyev said Rafig Tagi had carried the legacy of the renowned intellectuals of Azerbaijan, the cohort who fought for rational thinking in all developments, processes and history of Azerbaijan.

Journalist and writer Rafig Tagi was stabbed by an unknown assailant at a bus stop on the night of 19 November 2011, while he was on his way home. After four days of treatment in Clinical Medical Centre No.1, Rafig Tagi’s health suddenly declined on 23 November 2011. The journalist was transferred to the intensive care unit, but doctors were unable to save him.

The Serious Crimes Investigation Department (SCID) of the Prosecutor General’s Office launched a criminal case into the journalist’s death.

However, SCID decided to suspend the proceedings on the criminal case on 8 January 2014. The appeal filed against this decision was not granted.


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