Journalist under pressure from police

While fulfilling her professional duties the reporter of site Fatima Movlanli was detained by the officers of the 9th police department of Sabayil district of Baku. As Fatima Movlanli informed the IRFS, in the department police officers threatened the journalist.

According to the journalist, she was preparing reportage in front of ministry of interior. The officer of 9th police department of Sabayil district, colonel Orkhan Agayev and his colleague pushed the journalist. In response to her request not to do it the police officers repeated their action and threatened to arrest the journalist.

One of the police officers demanded from the colleagues that they take the journalist to court. Then she was taken to police department, where colonel Orkhan Agayev and two of his colleagues insulted the journalist and said that she will be charged under article 510 (Hooliganism) of the administrative offences Code.

However after a while the journalist was released.

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