MP Wants Her Assistant to Be Given Civil Servant Status

MP Elmira Akhundova raised the issue of providing a civil servant status to assistants of MPs at the meeting of Milli Meclis held on 1 February. “I request that the 125 assistants should be granted the status of a civil servant, and even when they have worked [in this capacity] for five years, it should be recorded as 5-year civil servant tenure. The fact is that most of these assistants are young married people, but most do not have their apartments. They want to get a mortgage and buy an apartment under the social housing scheme. But, I recently heard that none of the MP assistants would be able to do so because they are not civil servants. You need to have at least 3-year employment record as a civil servant to qualify for the social housing scheme. I ask the leadership of Milli Meclis to pay closer attention to the fate of these 125 people and to raise the issue with the relevant authorities. Thus, it would be a benefaction on our part, because MP assistants will have acquired an extraordinary privilege,” Akhundova said.

Recall that, 2 February is the Youth Day in Azerbaijan. Elmira Akhundova does not even think of or care about the fate of the dozens of youths jailed under unlawful judgments, but she requests a special privilege for her assistant. Today, thousands of unemployed Azerbaijani youths think of not being a civil servant, but how to find a job and earn a living.

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