“Musavat” activist said he was summoned to the police for his publication in Tik-Tok

Aziz Mamiyev, an activist of the youth organization of “Musavat” Party, was summoned to the Main Police Department of Baku for his critical publication in social networks.

According to Turan Mamiyev, he was taken to a head of the criminal investigation department and a deputy head of the operational affairs department.

“When I asked about the reason for the call, I was told that they were investigating my complaints about cyber attacks on my accounts in gmail, facebook, Watsap.

I was told that the police were not involved. However, during the course of the conversation I was made to understand that the real reason for the call was my critical publications.

I was told that if you criticize the authorities, that’s your business, but do it carefully and don’t curse Ilham Aliyev. After that they showed me a printout of my repost in Tik-Tok,” said Mamiyev.

After the “preventive conversation,” he was released hinting that this was a “warning.”

“The summons to the police was politically motivated, I regard this as pressure on freedom of expression,” Mamiyev said.

He pointed out that the Tik-tok post was a repost-video from media.  “This video dealt with the change of power,” Mamiyev said.

It was not possible to get comments from the Interior Ministry.

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