Muslim Unity member arrested on drug trafficking charges

Shahin Gadirov, a member of the Muslim Unity Movement (DME), was detained on charges of drug trafficking.

As Gadirov’s relatives told Turan, he was detained by unknown people on the evening of November 23 at a bus stop when he was returning home from work.

Only three days later, relatives managed to get information that Gadirov was being held in the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A criminal case was initiated against him under article 234.3.4 of the Criminal Code (illegal manufacture, acquisition, storage, transportation, shipment or sale of narcotic drugs on a large scale). By decision of the Narimanov District Court, a preventive measure in the form of arrest for a period of 4 months was chosen against Gadirov.

The DME considers the criminal case against Gadirov to be “fabricated” and regards his arrest as a “provocation” and “pressure” on the organization.

It has not yet been possible to obtain information from law enforcement agencies regarding the arrest of Gadirov.
DME, which does not have official state registration, was founded on January 13, 2015. After the creation of the movement, dozens of activists of the organization were arrested. Currently, 9 members of the JME are in detention, including the leader of the movement, Tale Bagirzade.

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