Opposition Azerbaijani blogger found dead in Tbilisi

On July 29, the Azerbaijani blogger Hussein Bakikhanov, who criticized the Azerbaijani authorities and sought political asylum in Georgia, was found dead in the apartment where he lived in Tbilisi.

Hussein Bakikhanov

They believe that Bakikhanov could have been thrown from a high-rise building, and then the body was taken to the apartment.

A journalist Afgan Mukhtarli, who is in political emigration in Germany, wrote on facebook, Bakikhanov was detained on May 7 during a protest in Baku. “He was sentenced to 15 days in prison. After his release, he told reporters that he was tortured. He also said that he was threatened with rape. During his stay in Tbilisi, he constantly criticized the Azerbaijani government, Azerbaijani media on his own channel,” he said Mukhtarly.

According to Mukhtarli, on July 12, Bakikhanov was beaten by a group of Azerbaijanis in Tbilisi. Hussein went to the police and for a medical examination. “However, he was denied a medical examination. There was no news from Hussein for a week,” Mukhtarli wrote.

Bakikhanov himself previously recorded a video appeal, which is available on the Ex Muslim Tabasaran Youtube channel. “Today is July 12, 2021. I am in Tbilisi. I was attacked by five people. My name is Hussein Bakikhanov. I am a refugee from Azerbaijan. I cannot say for sure today that the Azerbaijani government organized [this attack] or not, but this is no exception,” he said in the video message.


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