Opposition Party Activist Turkel Alisoy’s Relatives Facing Pressure


According to Turkel Alisoy (Azerturk), a member of the Youth Committee Board of the opposition party Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) who is currently residing in Europe, his family and relatives are facing pressure.

As reported by Turkel, officers of Jalilabad Regional Police Department visited one his close relatives’ home in Jalilabad several times in the evening hours on 16th August and asked about him. Then they invited Turkel’s relative to the Police Department, saying that the chief wanted to meet with him (her).

APFP activist’s relative went with the police officers to the Department, where he (she) was received by a deputy chief by name Eldar. The deputy chief asked him (her) where Turkel Alisoy and his family were at the moment. After that, he (she) was told that Turkel Alisoy’s parents were going to be arrested.

Turkey Alisoy linked the pressures against his relatives to his political activities. “Ilham Aliyev is doing a monarchical drill. He is preparing for the post-September period. Therefore, he detains and threatens whomever he wants. They kept my grandmother’s home under control from yesterday night till morning, waiting for my father to leave the house. That day my parents were not home, and were forced to spend the night elsewhere. It all comes just a few hours after our “national FETO” Eynulla Fatullayev’s opinion piece associating the Azerbaijani Hour TV program, which I am working for, with Fetullah Gulen and the statement by the Prosecutor’s Office that “Necessary operational measures are being carried out with regard to Fetullah Gulen supporters.” I think this is where it all comes from. Therefore, I not only ask but demand an explanation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding this arbitrariness that is taking place,” the party activist said.

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