Opposition Representative Interrogated for Participation in Protest Rally


Rovshan Ahmadli, member of the Coordination Centre of the National Council, has visited the 7th Police Station of Binagadi district Police Department at a summons and spent almost 4 hours there, as reported by Ahmadli himself.

According to Ahmadli, the police interviewed him with regard to the National Council’s protest rallies for 4 hours.

“I was asked questions on believers’ participation in the National Council’s demonstrations of September 11 and 17. I said like every other citizen they also enjoyed this right. I was not subjected to any sort of pressure at the police station,” Rovshan Ahmadli said.

Background: On September 11, the National Council of Democratic Forces organised a rally of protest against the upcoming constitutional referendum in Sports and Health Complex stadium (former Mahsul Stadium) in Yasamal district of Baku. The rally held under the slogan “No to Monarchy, Stop the Pillage” attracted more than 10,000 people. The following demands were put forward in the resolution of the rally: cancel the anti-democratic referendum; conduct political reform; ensure the independence of the judiciary; conduct radical reform to get the country out of the crisis; increase the payroll and pensions in accordance with the devaluation of the national currency manat and the price rise. On September 17, the National Council held another protest rally in Mahsul Stadium of Baku under the slogans “No to Monarchy” and “Stop the Pillage.” The rally had been sanctioned by the local executive authorities and lasted for 2 hours. A confrontation occurred between the protesters and the police upon the completion of the rally, and a number of youths including several journalists were detained. Some of them were later released.

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