Oppositionist Allahverdi Babayev arrested for 30 days

The Khazar District Court of Baku on September 16 sentenced activist of the Azerbaijan Party of Democracy and Welfare Allahverdi Babayev to 30 days of administrative arrest.

He was found guilty under Art. 535.1 (failure to comply with the lawful demands of the police) of the Code of Administrative Offences.

Companions believe that Babaev is being persecuted for criticizing the authorities.

The party’s statement claims that he was arrested for making harsh statements against the Azerbaijani authorities in a media interview near the building of the Baku Court of Appeal, where the case of the head of the said organization, Gubad Ibadoglu, was being considered.

Human rights activist Rufat Safarov assessed Babayev’s arrest as “another absurdity.”

“The Azerbaijani court made another unfair decision. In fact, in a country where justice is buried, one could not expect anything else,” he wrote on Facebook.

It was not possible to obtain comments from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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