Popular Front Party activist arrested

On September 30, an activist of the Popular Front party Elmeddin Ahmedov was arrested in the Saatli region.

A few days ago, another activist, Asim Agayev, was arrested there for 10 days, PPFA told Turan. This happened after the protest action of the residents of three villages of the Saatli region, who demanded to provide them with water for irrigation of farmland.

The police forcefully stopped the rally and detained the organizers.

Elmeddin Ahmedov was arrested under Articles 510 (hooliganism) and 535 (malicious disobedience to the police) of the Code of Administrative Violations.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed the arrest of Elmeddin Ahmedov, noting that it was not connected with the action held a few days ago. However, the reason for the detention was not reported.

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