Prosecutor General initiates revision of sentences of 19 Terter case defendants

Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev appealed to the Supreme Court Plenum to review the sentences of the 19 defendants in the “Terter case”. This is stated in the report of the Prosecutor General’s Office dated September 5.

At the same time, the General Prosecutor’s Office reported about new arrests on the facts of tortures in “Terter case”.

After renewal of the investigation into the “Terter case” on December 16, 2021, 288 more people were identified against whom illegal actions were committed, and they were recognized as victims, the report says.

Thus, the total number of victims reached 405 people.

An exhumation of the body of Tamkin Nizamioglu, who died during the investigation, was also carried out during the new investigation.  The forensic medical examination confirmed his death as a result of torture.

Besides, the investigation has raised serious suspicions about the use of torture and illegal deprivation of liberty of individual servicemen by officers Bekir Orudzhev and Ramil Akhmedov.  They were charged under Articles 126.3 (intentional infliction of serious harm to health through negligence, resulting in the death of the victim), 145.3 (illegal deprivation of liberty), 293.3 (torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment), 341.2.2 (abuse of power) and 341.2.3 (abuse of power, resulting in grave consequences) of the Criminal Code.

Rahib Mammadov was charged under the same Articles. All three were arrested. These persons held responsible positions in the Beylagan Corps. Thus, Orudzhev was the chief of staff and Akhmedov was a lawyer. Subsequently Orudzhev was promoted to the position of the head of ideological work of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, and last week he was arrested while in this position.

The General Prosecutor’s Office reports that Jumshudov Gurban and Agadadashov Javid, already convicted, are also guilty of committing torture. They were also charged under the above Articles. 

Thus, after the update of the investigation, 17 people were brought to criminal responsibility under various articles.  Twelve people were arrested, one was put on the wanted list and four people are already serving prison sentences on other cases.

Of the 26 military men arrested on charges of treason, but convicted on other charges, 19 were acquitted.

Criminal prosecutions of seven others were terminated on acquittal grounds.

In addition, the decisions to terminate the criminal cases in respect of Huseynov Mehman and Agazade Elkhan, who died during the investigation, were cancelled. The cases are expected to be closed due to the groundlessness of criminal prosecution.

Owing to new circumstances, the Prosecutor General appealed to the plenum of the Supreme Court to review the sentences against 19 people convicted in three criminal cases for various terms on charges of treason.

The public will be informed of the progress of further investigations, the press release concluded.

Note that for many years, family members of those convicted in the “Terter case” on charges of treason and other war crimes have sought a review of their sentences.

It looks like a new twist is coming in the Terter case.

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