Public activist Jalil Zabidov detained in Yardymly region

On the morning of November 17, a public activist Jalil Zabidov was detained in the Yardymly region, southern Azerbaijan, his relatives said.
“Jalil was detained today in the center of Yardymly and taken to the police. Together with him, his brother and nephew were taken away, who was going to classes. Obviously, this is due to Jalil’s criticism of officials in social networks,” the source said.
In the Lankaran regional group of the press service of the Interior Ministry of Azerbaijan, Turan was told that Zabidov and his brother were invited to the police due to illegal street trade. After drawing up the administrative protocol, they will be released,” a representative of the Interior Ministry said.
Note that Zabidov was previously subjected to detention, administrative and criminal prosecution. In 2020, he criticized violations and falsifications during the elections in social networks and was arrested for 5 months.
In 2021, he was arrested for 25 days for protesting against corruption and social injustice by local officials.
In May 2023, he was called to the police, where he had also been subjected to pressures.

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